AI algorithms for autonomous lawnmowers

Funding: Die Senatorin für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Europa der freien Hansestadt Bremen

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Project period: 2021-2022

Cooperation partner: TOPA³S, Alpha Robotics

In this multi-disciplinary project, a lawn mower robot is enhanced. Its task it is to autonomously navigate and mow very large areas of grass. For this purpose, AI algorithms of autonomous driving and space travel are transferred and implemented onto the robot. In particular our work group designs a high-precision localization by means of a multi-sensor fusion. In this regard, measurements of a RTK-GNSS receiver, an IMU, and other sensors are probabillistically fused in a Kalman filter. The project partners also implement a trajectory planner, which avoids obstacles and no-go zones, as well as a engine control algorithm for the robot.

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